We all enjoy a nice glass of beer after a busy day. However, some people are aficionados when it comes to beer and enjoy studying the history, how it’s made and what the process is like. Interested? At Avid Brewing and Growing Supplies, you can take part in a beer brewing lesson or you can participate in an introduction to hydroponic growing lesson with a take-home hydroponic system.  The lessons include a history of beer and the craft brew process, a souvenir glass, beer samples and instructions on the brewing process.

Be sure to schedule an appointment in advance. This is certainly a fun activity for all.

 Class Schedule and Description:

Extract Class

Great class for beginners who are interested in brewing beer at home but don’t have a lot of space.  Extract class is a lot of fun and introduces you into the world of brewing. 

Brew in a Bag (BIAB)

This class is designed for beginner to intermediate brewer.  We take the all grain approach to brewing but package it in a manageable way so you can still do it at home without a ton of equipment. Experiment with all grain beers and smaller batches make it easier to perfect your craft.

All Grain Brewing

Designed for the intermediate or advanced brewer. We go through the entire all grain procedure from Mash ton to Fermenter and explain the process in between.  This class will also show you how to brew your own all grain batch and what equipment is needed.

Pricing and General Information

All Classes are $25 and typically run 2 to 3 hours

Class space is limited.

Private classes available

Hydroponic’s 101

Introduction to Hydroponic growing lesson includes the history and overview of hydroponic growing, how to set up a hydroponic system, and your own take-home hydroponic system

Hydro 101 class and take home hydroponic system is $50 or Credit towards larger system

Call or email us today to reserve your seat. 

Our next class will be...

May 6th 12-3pm Extract Class

Big Brew to celebrate National Homebrew Day
Special Event & Brew Class @ Avid Brewing
We'll be doing a collaboration with St. Pete Brew Club. 

September 16th 11am-2pm Brew in a Bag

October 14th 11am-2pm Extract Class

November 18th 11am-3pm All Grain Class


January 20th 11am -2pm BIAB